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The submersible pump is a submersible pump for wells. Implementation of GB/T2816-2014, GB/T2818-2014, GB/T12785-2014 standards, and in strict accordance with the standards for design, manufacturing, type testing and factory inspection. National industrial production license number of this product: (冀) XK06-003-00081. This series of submersible pumps are suitable for rural water irrigation and urban and rural, factory and mine production and water use. Its main structural features are: the motor and the water pump are connected together and work in the water. 150QJ, 175QJ, 200QJ, 250QJ are water-filled three-machine asynchronous motors for cooling motors and lubricating bearings. The motor itself has a sealing device to prevent leakage of the medium outside the motor. The submersible pump uses a centrifugal impeller and a space diversion. The QJ series products have the advantages of small size, light weight, simple structure, convenient use and maintenance, high efficiency, safe and reliable operation. The supporting cable is YCW rubber insulated flexible cable. Use full-load starting (with control switch) with and without permission.
First, technical parameters:
Size: 6-12 inches
Flow rate: 5-1000m3/hour
Head: 10-1000m
Power: 3-250 kW
Power supply: voltage 380V + 5%, frequency 50Hz + 1% Hertz, three-phase AC.
The submersible pump can be operated continuously under the following conditions:
1. YQS150, YQS175, YQS200, and YQS250 are three-phase AC power supplies with a frequency of 50 Hz and a voltage of 380V.
2. Water quality conditions:
(1) The solid content (mass ratio) in water is not more than 0.01%.
(2) PH value in water is in the range of 6.5-8.5
(3) The hydrogen sulfide content is not more than 1.5 mg/L.
(4) The content of chloride ions is not more than 400 mg/L.
(5) Contains no oil.
3. The water inflow from the well should be able to meet the water output and continuous operation of the pump.
4. The wellbore should be vertical and there should be no objects or obstacles that hinder the pump from going down the well.
5. The water inlet of the pump must be below 1 m of the moving water level, but the diving depth should not exceed 30 m, and the lower end of the motor should be at least 3 m away from the bottom of the well.
Third, the material selection:
 1. Impeller: cast iron.
 2. Pump casing: cast iron or stainless steel.
 3. Pump shaft: cold drawn steel chrome or stainless steel.
 4. Motor seal: rubber seal, mechanical seal.
Fourth, the structure description:
The whole submersible pump of the well consists of the working part of the pump, the submersible motor, the pipeline part (including the water pipe, the pump seat, etc.), the cable, the gate valve and the control cabinet. The pump and the motor are directly connected to each other through the coupling to work in the water.
1. The pump working part is the core of the unit. It consists of impeller, middle shell, upper shell, pump shaft, bearing, water inlet joint, check valve and valve body.
2. The submersible motor is the power source for the unit. It consists of stator, rotor, upper and lower guide bearings, thrust bearings, base, connecting frame and sealing device.
Five, use precautions
1. It is strictly forbidden to bump or pull the cable to prevent displacement, wear and accident caused by the tension of the cable.
2. Before using the motor, fill the cavity with clean water and tighten the bolts. Otherwise, it is not allowed to start.
3, the motor land trial test can not exceed 1 second.
4. The electric pump should be used upright and should not be used for lying down.
5. The submersible pump must be equipped with wire rope protection.
6. The power must be cut off before installing or repairing the electric pump.
7. It is forbidden to wet the wet foot and push the electric brake and press the button.
8. When installing an electric pump in a ditch, a canal or a river pond, the electric pump must be reliably grounded.
9. Regularly have a 500V megger to check the insulation resistance of the motor winding to ground.
10. The electric pump must be equipped with leakage and overload protection devices to prevent short circuit, electric shock and fire.
11. The place where the electric pump is used should be set with the obvious sign of “preventing electric shock”.
12. Please read this instruction manual carefully before installing and using the electric pump.