Pipeline sewage pump
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QWB series submersible sewage pump is suitable for chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, paper industry, cement plants, steel mills, power plants, coal processing industries, as well as urban sewage treatment plant drainage systems, municipal engineering, construction sites and other industries. Sewage and dirt can also be used to pump clean water and corrosive media.
First, technical parameters:
Nominal caliber: 50-600 mm
Head: 6-80 meters
Flow rate: 5-6000 cubic meters / hour
Power: 1.5-400 kW
Second, the conditions of use:
  1. The temperature of the medium does not exceed 40 ° C;
  2. Medium pH (pH): 6-9;
  3. The volume ratio of the solid matter in the medium is below 2%;
  4. The running viscosity of the medium is not more than 20x10-6m2/s;
  5. The density of the medium is less than 1.2x103kg/m3.
Third, the material selection:
Cast iron, stainless steel, etc.