Enterprises care about the next generation of calligraphy tr
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On October 20th, in order to promote the excellent traditional culture of China and help young people improve their writing skills, Hebei Qiquan Pump Industry Co., Ltd. organized the staff of the staff and more than 30 students from nearby primary schools, and held the “Yiquan Pump Industry Children's Calligraphy Training Class”. "The opening ceremony began once a week for a 20-week calligraphy training event. In the training, the calligraphy teacher imparted unreservedly to the children from the origins of calligraphy, pen and ink, cultural heritage, stroke basis, pen writing skills, text structure and their own accumulated calligraphy art experience. In the relaxed and pleasant classroom atmosphere, the children learned about the historical allusions of Chinese calligraphy, constantly deepened their understanding of Chinese traditional calligraphy art, felt the unique charm of Chinese calligraphy, and enhanced their interest and love for Chinese calligraphy.
Through the opening of calligraphy training classes, not only did the children learn the basic knowledge of calligraphy, but also received the influence of China's excellent traditional culture from a young age, and the writing level also made certain progress. At the same time, it also played a positive role in the cultivation of young people's comprehensive quality.
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